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Residential Driveway Resurfacing and Asphalt Services in Vernon 

Is your driveway starting to crack? Has your tennis court seen better days? These are just a few of the problems that we can remedy at Asphalt Valley Services.

Asphalt resurfacing for your Vernon property is an investment that carries a lot of weight, which means it’s important to make your driveway as smooth and as visually pleasing as possible. 

In general, asphalt surfaces require regular maintenance caused from adverse weather conditions and general wear and tear everyday use. Over time, your driveway will need to be replaced and resurfaced. We can resurface driveways and sports courts to like-new condition. We can also provide paving services for new construction. Contact us today for affordable and professional driveway resurfacing and other asphalt services in Vernon. 


Why are Asphalt Driveways a Better Option? 

 Asphalt driveways are usually considered a better option for residential settings. We offer a lot of advantages over other options which fit the priorities of an average residential customer. Here are advantages: 

  • Cost-effective: Asphalt driveways are one of the most cost-effective options for getting a residential driveway. They are cheap to install and require low maintenance which doesn’t even cost much.
  • Quite sturdy: Asphalt driveways are pretty durable and a well-paved one can last anywhere between 15-30 years. This of course depends upon a lot of factors such as maintenance, weather, and the traffic it handles. 
  • Quick installation and usage: Compared to other options, asphalt driveways are easy and quick to install. Also, you can start using them after a couple of days of their installation. Other options can take up to a week to be in a usable condition.  


Contact us today with your asphalt service requirements, and we will be glad to help you out. We offer driveway resurfacing services in Vernon for residential and commercial clients. 


Why Choose Asphalt Valley Services 

Our inception was over 20 years ago, and Asphalt Valley Services was created as a responsible and cost-effective resurfacing company in Vernon. Our business has grown and flourished over the years, and we have been trusted by more and more clients who have experienced our services. We have also improved our services and techniques with customer feedback and developed ourselves into a locally-operated enterprise that services residential and commercial sectors all over the Okanagan Valley.


No matter your needs, Asphalt Valley Services offers a speedy response, competitive prices, and quality results. 

So, what makes us different? Who do we stand out among the many similar service providers in the area? The answer is – we commit ourselves to perfection from the beginning to the end while using specialized equipment which helps make our work truly stand out.


The Best Deals With Even Better Results 

Asphalt Valley Services is also proud to offer a senior discount and free consultations. We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to smoothing out irregular and broken asphalt surfaces. As a comprehensive paving solution, our team brings knowledge and dedication to both large- and small-scale resurfacing projects in Vernon.


Get quality asphalt resurfacing for your Vernon property and reap the benefits. Asphalt resurfacing not only makes your ride smoother, but also ensures the good condition of your vehicle tires. This, in turn, can help you save money with reduced wear and tear of vehicles. Due to the smooth surface, the friction between the tire and pavement is reduced and therefore uses less fuel.



Signs You Need to Repave Your Driveway 

It's essential to keep your driveway well maintained not just for the aesthetic appeal but also to ensure no accidents occur due to any cracks. Repave your driveway immediately if you spot any of the following irregularities: 
Presence of Ice Cracks 
If your driveway has cracks filled with ice, you need to get resurfacing done immediately. These cracks spread and expand rapidly, which can make them unsafe if not fixed.  
Alligator Cracks 
This type of cracking occurs when the asphalt in your driveway deteriorates over time, and the patterns are formed to resemble the back of a reptile. While fillings can temporarily manage alligator cracks, you will eventually have to go for a more permanent solution and opt for resurfacing.   
Block Cracks 
Block cracks are big rectangular cracks that indicate low-quality asphalt in the driveway's initial construction. It is best to get your driveway repaved with asphalt of better quality to avoid any problems.  
Get in touch with us to get your driveway resurfaced today! 

Advantages of Asphalt Repaving 

Having smooth roads and pavements is very important in today's society as it ensures ease in mobility for people and goods. Here are some advantages of getting your driveway repaved with asphalt: 
Leaving and entering our residential property is something that we do almost every day. Any form of irregularities in the driveway can be unsafe, whether you're driving or walking. Asphalt resurfacing makes your driveway smooth enough to avoid any accidents. 
Aesthetic Appeal 
Having a regularly maintained and smooth driveway to look at can increase your residential property's overall aesthetic appeal.  
The initial cost of using asphalt is meager as compared to its alternatives. Resurfacing also doesn't cost a lot because asphalt can be recycled and reused many times.    
Avoid Over-Sealing 
Applying a protective top layer to the driveway is called asphalt sealing. If overdone, it can result in premature surface cracking. Resurfacing proves to be a better alternative as it provides a solution that lasts longer. 
These advantages also apply to commercial repaving. 


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Contact us by phone or email today and let us do what we do best – bring quality services you can trust to your doorstep! You can also ask for a quote by entering your information on our website regarding resurfacing projects in Vernon!

Looking for Driveway Resurfacing in Vernon? 

Our professionals provide expert solutions for all your driveway resurfacing needs! 

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